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I’m Ashley. I am unapologetically honest, raw, and real.
I point out the brutal truth in a loving way.
Welcome aboard.

Get ready for authenticity, honesty and vulnerability

With a huge fucking heart.


(one bad ass *)


I’m Ashley and I approve of this statement 😉

imageedit_6_7710300505Ashley Taylor Yannello is the hostess of a refreshing daily podcast, Real Talk with Ashley and is one real, raw, vulnerable gal full of energy, moxie and heart. A black swan sheep who helps people get brutally honest and cut through the bullshit. Pointing out the brutal truth in a loving way. There is nothing and no one that can stop her and she is resilient as fuck. She will try, do, pivot til she dies. No joke.

Ashley has a huge heart, is an ENFJ and loves nothing more than connecting with people all over the world! Vulnerably sharing and shining a brutally honest light on the TRUTH. With real and genuine presence she can see someone for who they truly are and utilizing the power of her strong intuition to cut right through the bullshit! Ashley believes energy is everything. She has been seen on Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, and Influencive to drop a few names at you. 



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It doesn’t matter how many horses I fall off of, I’ll get on the next one.



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